Meet the team

The committee are the team responsible for planning and managing the conference. Find out more about them below

Barbara Mortimer
Barbs is the team's resident U-boat nerd. Never happier than when researching, diving and identifying a lost U-boat!
Dom Robinson
Dom's varied career has seen him fly helicopters for the Army, teach diving for the Royal Navy and shake his head in disbelief for the British Sub Aqua Club.
Faith Robinson
Faith is a BSAC Discovery Diver who has dived in the UK and Malta. A keen swimmer she regularly represents Devonport Royal Swimming Association at competitive events.
Fran Hockley
Fran is both a professional and un-professional diver. She loves wreck diving but also secretly loves fish and squidgy things.
Heather Allen
A graphic designer and published children’s book illustrator, Heather enjoys creating detailed t-shirt designs for’s annual diving conference. Although not a diver herself, Heather is fascinated by the history of shipwrecks, and the expeditions that technical divers undertake to discover them
Steve Green
Steve has been diving rebreathers since 2010 and has dived on numerous deep wrecks around the British Isles and abroad. He has also run successful technical charters out of his home town of Plymouth for several years now in partnership with In Deep Dive Centre.
Steve Mortimer
Steve dives with the Gasperados Dive Team, finding and identifying shipwrecks all around the UK. This year, they’re looking for a lost treasure ship. If they find it, the drinks are on him!
Will Schwarz
Will likes wreck diving